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Exclusive Jerusalem Retirement project for 65+

A new Jerusalem retirement project is being launched, specifically planned for people who are 65 and over. Located in Jerusalem, the retirement project is designed as a self-contained community dedicated to meet the requirements of retirees. The project will provide a facility and atmosphere where retirees can thrive and socialize with others, while enjoying activities that are geared towards retirees.


The retirement village will include:

  • Controlled entry and security services

  • Reception desk

  • Clinic

  • swimming pool

  • Health Center and spa

  • Gym and fitness room

  • movie and lecture hall

  • leisure activity groups

  • Synagogue

  • Organized trips

​A buyers group is being organized. Please fill in the form by clicking the button below to register for pre market prices. There is no cost to join the group or obligation to purchase.

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