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Ashkelon is Unbelievably Affordable

Israelis are used to comparing the prices of goods and services in Israel with those in the US and Europe. Every once in a while media outlets in Israel show examples of how items such as cottage cheese or chocolate wafers are less expensive in Boston or Berlin. But we also know that some goods and services are less expensive in Israel and we are surprised at how our American or European friends pay so much more for the same items.

Recently, we came across a website that does actual comparisons between cities. We started looking at how Ashkelon measured up against US and EU cities and were surprised that the cost of living in Ashkelon was substantially less than many US and European cities.

Taking a look at the cost of living in Baltimore and comparing it with Ashkelon, Baltimore is 36% more expensive than Ashkelon.

While looking at Baltimore, as expected, the salaries are substantially higher than Ashkelon. Buying cars and many goods are less expensive in Baltimore, but when you start looking at rental housing, public transportation, childcare and education, the differences are equally substantial.

When comparing Ashkelon to Tel Aviv, the differences are even greater. Tel Aviv is listed as 41% more expensive than Ashkelon. Many products are similarly priced, but one of the major differences is in housing. The price per square meter to buy an apartment outside of the center is $8,742.36 in Tel Aviv vs $2,614.19 in Ashkelon.

Some other city comparisons

  • Baltimore vs Ashkelon: 36% more expensive

  • Toronto vs Ashkelon: 46% more expensive

  • Roanoke VA vs Ashkelon: 11% more expensive

  • New York vs Ashkelon: 67% more expensive

  • Chicago vs Ashkelon: 49% more expensive

  • London, UK vs Ashkelon: 59% more expensive

  • Berlin vs Ashkelon: 24% more expensive

Israeli City Comparisons

  • Tel Aviv vs Ashkelon: 41% more expensive

  • Rehovot vs Ashkelon: 17% more expensive

  • Modiin vs Ashkelon: 9% more expensive

  • Beit Shemesh vs Ashkelon: 13% more expensive

  • Nahariya vs Ashkelon: 9% more expensive

  • Raanana vs Ashkelon: 7% more expensive

  • Netanya vs Ashkelon: 14% more expensive

While these numbers give an insight into relative cost of living in various cities, there are some mistakes. When the numbers are missing (as in Haifa) it throws the entire formula off. Another example is the comparison with Jerusalem, where the price per square meter of apartments is probably incorrect and some of the other numbers as well. These results are not exact and should be used as a general of guide only.

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